Who am I, and what is this blog for?

Who am I? I am Lokea. At least that is the spiritual name given to me by my patron, but my friends call me Nikk. I am a middle-aged, single mother, pagan, with my primary path being Lokean & Rokkatru. Loki is my patron, and I am a godspouse to him as well. And I do not care if anyone agrees or disagrees with anything to do with that statement. As for my place in the Rokkatru path, I do not adhere to the all love, light & positive that many modern pagans teach. Nor do I dwell entirely in the darker aspects. I walk in the twilight, as many of us call it, and I prefer to aim for balance when at all possible. Whatever that may look like. I personally believe that it is intention and motive that determine whether any magick or spirituality is “light” or “dark”, and though I do definitely fit most within the Left-hand path, I am very much “grey” in my work and spirituality. I also do not believe in karma in the way that it is most often taught, though I do believe it is there. Also, though I am rather new to the Lokean & Rokkatru path specifically, I have traveled a long, winding, varying, eclectic path of paganism for over 20 years, and no matter what system I tried and traveled through, I was and am always considered to be in that grey area between.

So, what is this blog for? This blog is my space for my personal thoughts on various pagan-related topics based on my perspective, study, and experience throughout my journey through paganism and into the path that I now know to be my spiritual home and heart. There will also be spells and tarot information, exploration of many different eclectic topics. And very likely the occasional more political views and calls of “Fuck the Nazis”, and “Bash the fascists”. And I do already have in mind what will be my first topic I will cover either later tonight or tomorrow. So, welcome to my blog. Blessings to you all. And to my tribe, of course, Jotun Up! 😉

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