Watch before you join.

Possible Trigger Warning: – Addresses racism, hate, biogtry.

A post I saw earlier made me think of something we should try to consider. Many of us try to find and join heathen groups online for education and networking. And that’s good. But, with the rise of so many white supremacist and other hate groups claiming heathen ways, we really need to double check before clicking the “like” or “join” buttons. Learn the dog-whistles and key points & terms these people use. Look at their past post and photos. Check out their recommended groups & sites section. You may see a page that focuses on selling norse style jewelry and clothing, and scroll through photos only to find folkish & WS key phrases. Or look at their recommended pages or websites and find links to actual supremacist groups. Also, as we saw earlier, watch for how they address Jotunar. And compare notes on what they say the myths teach. But, again, definitely keep eyes open for signs of racism and bigotry. If we jump to “like” these pages unaware of what they promote, we end up doing two things. One, we let them think we agree, and that they will not be fought, and that they are winning. Secondly, we may inadvertently make other people think that we agree with those types and cause them to think we are bad too, or that these guys are ok if even WE agree with them. Or, even worse, someone who is part of a targeted group may not trust us as allies or as safe people to reach out to if they are ever in trouble. So as much as I encourage myself and anyone else to seek groups to learn and network with, I also beg of you to be vigilant and searching to see what they promote (or allow to pass) before following. We cannot afford to accidentally help them gain more ground. Thanks for coming to my Rokkr talk.

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