Healing on the Mount with Mengloth

Let me say up front, that this is a personal experience only with no lore behind it. So if you have a problem with UPG or so-called God phone, you may not want to proceed. If you read on, then know it is my life, my story,and I don’t need your opinion.

The other day I was in such pain I was in tears. And I was wondering what on Earth is going to happen to me being this way. I closed my eyes to cry, and I cried and a howled as I do when I’m in deep pain or sorrow I can’t express in words. Then for the first time, I saw her, Angrboda, look me in the face and speak to me. She said “Pick up your spear and get back to work”. I said “How when I hurt so bad?” She said “Go to Mengloth, let her heal you.” I said “I have never worked with her how do I do that?” Her reply was, ”Meet her on the mountain, tell her I sent you. She will heal you. And then, pick up your spear and get back to work.” And in that moment, I saw a vision in my head of the hiking trail I went to as a kid. One I still go to now when I need nature and home. It goes 1/3 mile up a bluff, so that you’re looking out over the valley and rivers. I knew that’s where I needed to go. I was terrified of the idea because I wasn’t sure I could make the hike. On top of that, I had never dealt with Mengloth, nor really with Angrboda. This was the first time she actually spoke to me. But I also knew she was not someone to say no to. The weather that day was too rainy and muddy to risk it. So I decided to wait until Monday when the weather would be nicer. I did some reading before I left, to see what offerings would be best for Mengloth. I read that she likes jewelry, and especially the kind she could not get from her Mountain. And I always offer some kind of food for every deity. So I gathered up a gold bracelet that I thought was pretty, and a bracelet that had belonged to my great aunt that had little stones and charms on it. I hadn’t worn it since the day I got it after she died 6 years ago. And somehow when I put it on, I felt a connection to her and also my grandmother. And I thought that was strange & maybe I needed to keep that for myself. But I was determined to offer it anyway and went ahead and took it with me. I also took a snack pack that had a boiled egg and salami. Then I cut an old pillowcase into strips that could be used as bandages. I read this might be appealing to Mengloth since she does healing. And then I loaded up my staff, and my bag full of things, and headed out.

When I got to the parking area of the park where the hiking trail is, I was the only one there. I thought. “Yep. They meant for this to happen today”. And I had been praying the whole time on the way, and talking to Loki on the drive, and he told me he was not going with me. He said he’d wait for me in the car. Lol. I asked if there was a reason, and his answer was simply that I needed to do this on my own, and I needed to know that I could do things on my own even without him. So I got out of the car, gathered my things, and headed to the trail. I took it slow because of my back problems and my knees and hips. And I let myself enjoy the scenery while I was there because I needed a break. About half way up I noticed I wasn’t hurting quite as bad. And I assumed that maybe just having some tension relief and relaxation may have helped. But I kept going, and taking pictures along the way just because I think it’s pretty there. I had planned to go to the very top, but when I stopped to take a picture at one particular Rock that is important to my family, I felt pulled to just stay there. This just happened to be the rock they call ”Table Rock” where my father proposed to my mother many years ago. So I sat and I didn’t get my notebook out like I had planned to. I decided to not write what I heard, and to just listen and remember at least the most important parts for later. I called out to her. I said “Mengloth,  healer & goddess of the mountain, I’ve come here sent by Angrboda, chieftainess of the Ironwood, to seek healing. I also have brought offerings that I will leave for you. And I ask you to just heal me whatever way it is that I need healed.” Then I sat and just relaxed, and listened. I felt the breeze blowing over me. I felt peaceful for the first time in a long while.Then I heard her. I knew it must have been her because it was a voice I had never heard. But it was very distinctly feminine though very strong. And yet calming. She said, “Let me see that bracelet you brought for me from your family. Hold it out to me”. And so I did. She said, “Yes, this is special. It is a such a pretty little trinket. And you are right. It is connected to your grandmother. And she and your aunt were great friends. Keep it in honor of her and her god-sister. And let it remind you of them” I said thank you and started to put it back on. But she told me no “Leave it there on the rock a bit longer. Let it soak up some of the healing and the sunlight”. So, I stretched it out flat and sat to wait for more instruction. After a moment of soaking in the breeze and the sunlight. She spoke again. “This is your element.The wind. You should use it more often. Now, you are here for healing. And sent by the Ironwood chieftainess, herself, no less. You must be stronger than you know” Then before anything could be said in response, a strong breeze blew again. But it was warm. Not hot, warm like the sunlight. And she started to sing.

“Ash turn.

Fire grow.

Ember burn and glow.

Heal heart.

And Mind.

Then the body will flow”

During this I felt warm and fresh and calm and happy all at once washing over me and through me. And then the breeze stopped when the singing stopped. Then she said “Take your bracelet and put it on now. And take the one you are leaving me, along with the other offerings and place them by the tree at the edge of the cliff heading back down the trail. My rock-man servant will bring them to me later. Yes, you know the one.” I somewhat grinned at this since I have seen a rock-like Jotun following me here and there for months. And I thought I had seen him spying on me from above when I was walking toward the trail entry at the base when I got there, but had shook it off. But then I asked “what of my healing? What do I need to do?” She snapped back (not angry, but quickly and sharply) “I’ve already done it. That is your song. That is your healing. Learn it, sing it, use it, help others, and teach it. Also remember from it how the pain lessened by relaxing. Stop hurting yourself more than you need. Now, that ember is fire from Muspelheim. It is your fire from your father there where you came from. Its in your blood. You Jotun-blood kin are so fickle. You think so much about your heritage as Jotun, but never take time to learn about your Mothers and Fathers and who they are. You would all grow so much more quickly and heal easier if you remember where you came from. But that’s a lesson for Hyndla to give. Not mine. I just think its silly is all”. She had a point. I couldn’t really argue with her there. Nor would I have if she had been wrong. I asked if there was anything else she needed to tell me or that I needed to do before leaving. And it was simply “no no. That’s all. Just leave my offerings by the tree.” So I stepped down from the rock table and picked up my bag from the ground. And as I stood up I saw a tree, right on the edge of the cliff, with a hollowed out trunk. I gave a smirk and walked over to leave the offerings. Then, I peacefully walked down the trail, and went about my day from there. And as I was leaving the park, I could have sworn I saw a rock-man smiling and waving goodbye as I drove past the last ledge. So, that was my healing talk with Mengloth. And now, I probably need to figure out why Angrboda, of all deities, was so keen on me getting healed, and what work I need to do with what spear. But, I guess that will be for another time.

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  1. So the Rock Jotunn followed you around for about a month before this happened? Was he trying to get your attention to go seek her for healing on his own? That’s an interesting song she gave you. I hope it ends up being helpful.


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