Speak AND give no truces

Rage, anger, fear, loathing, disdain for the world around us as it is. These are emotions we are taught not to have. And yet, this is not the way it should be, or even how it was in previous times. It is simply the way we were taught by the combination of christian rule and new-age light only paid service. Now, I do not in any way support these emotions being lashed out on people without just cause. There is no room for hate and rage over mere disagreement or simple differences in personal lives. But, there is still a time and place for all of these feelings. In fact, it is part of our very survival. Without fear, we would never run from danger. The human race would have died out before it even began. Without rage, we wouldn’t have the added adrenaline induced energy to fight when justice is at stake. We who follow the Rokkr know this. We know, as they knew, that sometimes there are people and things that justify that sort of response. There are people in the world who hate and stir trouble for others not only from the perspective of bigotry, but simply for greed and want or some unfulfilled need they don’t want to address. Spewing these types of emotions for those reasons, is not justifiable. But, when others do this, YES we are justified in correcting them. We are justified in being angry and rageful and fighting for the sake of what is right. To stand up against those who hurt and cause trouble for others. In the Havamal, even Odin says this is true. And many in the Heathen community have stated support of keeping these people at bay based on that quote “When you see evil, speak against it; and give no truces to your enemy”.  We do fine with the first part of speaking against it. But so many stop there. We still have many others who won’t practice the second half of that by not giving truces to the enemy. Too many try to take the higher ground, turn the other cheek, and show civility. The problem is that most of the time that does not work. When you show kindness to people who deliberately hurt and cause suffering to others (for whatever reason whether bigotry or simple personal BS) you are showing them they will not be stopped. No one will actually turn on them, so they will not stop. They have no reason to. And the truth is, this attitude of showing civility and kindness to even oppressors and abusers, is spawned from a time when we were all taught that “turn the other cheek” and “do good to your enemy” is the right and godly way by the ruling church. So why can we not let go of that and do what that famous line says and stop giving truces? Especially those of us who are Lokean and Rokkatru. Our deities, Loki and the Jotun, are the very ones who take the ultimate stand against wrongs done. Loki, bound by the dismembered bodies of his own children, when he is loosed, takes the helm of the ship to lead the way toward Ragnarok. The fire-jotun, Surtr, first of all beings known that started the process of life itself, with the riders of Muspelhiem, leads the way and destroys it all by fire. Why then do we think that angry words are too inappropriate? The culture of toxic positivity is ruining our world. We can not just love them until they change. Because that gives them no reason to change. And really, any parent or teacher can tell you that part of loving someone also includes correcting wrongs. And often, that takes punishment for the point to get across. Do you let your children do whatever they want no matter how bad and just hope they eventually stop on their own? Or do you correct them, tell them its wrong and give them some form of discipline (not debating how here)? Even loving them, you still stop them and punish wrong actions. So why, when people are hateful and cruel and conniving against others, do you simply turn the other cheek? Are your children worse than them and more deserving of punishment? Or are you merely afraid of what others may think if you have the nerve to stand up and fight instead of shutting up and following the status quo? Yes, there are times that these “negative” emotions do need to be let go of. But even then, we feel them, accept what they are, and THEN deal with them however is needed. But we do not shove them away or else they grow and resurface and cause more trouble. Because they are still part of us and who we are. They are natural responses. So, do what you need to not dwell on them and let them go as much as possible. But when it comes to yourself or others being harmed, having their reputations ruined unjustly, and basic human rights stripped away, you have every right to feel those emotions and to stand up and fight. Do it in a controlled manner so you don’t go overboard. Cool down enough to not lash out in the heat of the moment if needed. But do not give kindness to those who have shown they won’t change when you do. Use those emotions that are naturally in you for their intended purpose, which is protection and survival. Use them wisely, but use them. And give no truces to those who do harm unjustly.

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