The Wise Wanderer

 This blog is going to deviate a little from my usual Lokean Rokkatru centered focus. Though in a way, it does tie together. With the rise of white supremacists and similar groups spewing hate in the name of Odin, I would like to lay that issue to rest by talking a little about him, old one-eye, himself. It is no secret that I do not work with him in my personal practice outside of when required for my work with Loki, or group blots and rituals where his followers are in attendance and I show respect for all those who are present within those functions both human and god alike. However, he is still a god, and there are some aspects I do respect and somewhat admire about him. Most importantly, is his desire and searching for wisdom. So, you will never convince me that he is happy to see people use him as an excuse to be stuck in old, out-dated, hate-filled, lies when he himself traveled the nine worlds and even changed himself, to seek out new information and wisdom. Think of the runes, and how he obtained them and their wisdom. Odin sought that wisdom, knowing he could only get it through sacrifice. So he journeyed to the well of Urd, hung himself upside down from the tree, pierced himself with a spear, and hung that way for nine days and nights on the edge of life and death to receive that knowledge. Then, there is of course his very appearance as a sign of sacrifice for wisdom. How is it so many have come to call him old one-eye? Did you forget and think it just fell out, or was shot out like in the movies? NO. He sought wisdom from Mimir’s well. And, here too, he had to make a sacrifice to obtain that wisdom. So he plucked out his eye as a sacrifice to obtain one drink from the well that would grant him SOME of the wisdom Mimir had. And yet, so many who claim his name, can’t put themselves through the inconvenience of learning by getting to know other people, befriending people different than them, or even reading what the lore actually says about Odin, his travels, and who and what he is. We say all the time that he is “all-father, not some-father”. But, do these hateful people realize that the lore itself actually says Odin and his brothers created the first people of all of Midgard and not just the first people in that one area or one race? Then, he tells us in the Havamal how he traveled all over Midgard in disguise, and (though often in not good ways), he laid with women in many of those journeys, not just in European white-man’s land. For those who wish to stick with what is written entirely, again I refer you to him creating the first of ALL people. And, in Lokasenna, we are told that while in woman form learning the ways of Seidr, Odin remained in Midgard traveling and living as a woman long after his training was over and even seduced men and birthed children. This, not only supports acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, but shows that not only did Odin create humans, he fathered and gave birth to many humans all over the world. And when races are named in the lore, we are told of Aesir, Vanir, Jotun/Giant, Elf, Dwarf, and Humans. What they call “race” could really be seen as species or variants of species. But in all the myths and lore we have, human was one race. And then, the kicker; the issue of who is allowed to follow Odin and the Norse path. So many claim it is a white-european only religion. But, even in the Eddas we are told that is not true. When Gangleri ask the high ones why Odin has so many names, they tell him that some came from his many travels, but that most came from the fact that every language in the world had a name for him in their language so that they could pray to him in their own tongue. It actually says, that every culture in the world worshiped him. And of course, 127 we all know. Yet, these people seem to think that somehow doesn’t apply to what they do. I guess they think existing on the same planet as them constitutes “evil”? They claim to be tough warriors and wolves, and yet they think other people existing or praying to the same god is a threat to them. So, to those of you who do claim that the path of the Norse is for European-descent only, I ask you this. When we know that the Norse traveled the world and intermarried and spread out, and the lore says that all of the world and every language prayed to Odin, and Odin himself traveled all the worlds and all the earth dining and living with others and making sacrifices of himself to gain wisdom and new knowledge; why do you think it is HIM that would want you to stay unchanged, uneducated, unloving towards others, and not even willing to inconvenience yourself by admitting you have more to learn, and actually reading the lore of the path and god you claim? He too, is about growth and change. So don’t think for one second that the Heathen, Asatru, and Norse Pagan community at large will continue letting you ruin their name with your false claims, and your unwillingness to be true to the gods you claim. That is not who we are. And it is high time for you to wise up like the Wise Wanderer you claim to follow.

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