Followers of Chaos Deities, or Just assholes?

Since my last faces of Loki entry was about the Trickster side and what that does and does not mean, I thought I’d follow up now with a topic that I have been wanting to write about for quite some time. That is the topic of people using Chaos deities as an excuse to cause trouble and chaos for the hell of it, or to justify mistreating and hurting others. In other words, being a dick for the sake of being a dick and then blaming Loki for it (or whichever chaos deity they choose). Though it is slowly getting better, it is still an issue with many people. It has been going on for ages, and its time for it to stop. As we discussed plenty of times before, the trickster archetype uses tricks and schemes that benefit, not just for the sake of pranking. In the same way, Chaos deities bring chaos for needed change, not just for the sake of making trouble. Yes, we have chaos in nature. But we also have order. And these two concepts go hand in hand. The same way light and dark can not exist without each other and one causes the other, chaos and order work together to create balance as well. A raging fire or volcanic eruption is chaotic and devastating, but it happens for a reason, and it has benefits for the earth later down the road. A storm rages but also benefits the earth and cleans the air. Chaos destroys to make room for needed change. It does not destroy just for the sake of destroying. And it certainly doesn’t destroy things (or people) just because it wants to, or to prove a point. And when it does destroy, it doesn’t look at the destruction it caused and say “I honor the Universe, its all about exploding”. And yet, how many people claim to follow Loki, The Jotun, Hades, Set, and numerous other chaos deities and use them as their reason for stirring trouble with no purpose beyond being dark simply because they want to or because they don’t like someone or some thing? Some even pushing people into harm or death for the purpose of “chaos”. But again, what did that prove? It does nothing for anyone except their own ego. It’s not chaos. It’s you doing what you want because YOU want to. And yet, some will even ask “why does it matter? To each their own right?” Well, the answer is NO, it matters A LOT. It matters because it is affecting not only other people, but also our path and the view people have on our gods. One thing these guys always try to point out is “pagans don’t have sin and hell like christians”. But the truth is, even though its not  as strict and doesn’t have “sin” and “hell” as in the christian bible, almost all pantheons had some form of punishment for the worst of the worst. We have Nostrand where Nidhoggr devours terrible men. Egyptians had Ammit, devourer of the dead. Greeks had Tartarus. So there is punishment in these paths at least, even though it is the worst of the worst who receive it. But what is considered the worst in these paths are also things like being needlessly malicious, breaking oaths, and harming innocents. Which many of these people do. Then, there are those who try to say that since chaos deities don’t follow the “harm none” rule, following them means they can do what they want. That too, is a fallacy. Though these deities allow for “harm”, it (like the chaos) is still not needless harm. Protection, defense, righting a major wrong, stopping oppression and bigotry, sure. But just for the sake of causing chaos, to prove a point, over petty squabbles, personal gain, or because you think its funny? No. And in doing that, you are not only being a jerk, but you are tainting the name of the god you claim. We constantly battle people who think Loki is evil, or the Norse version of christian Satan. Those who won’t allow him or his followers in their groups and think that his followers are just edge lords wanting to spread havoc and hatred for attention. And it is the people who claim Loki and chaos to justify their asshatery that makes them think that. The same is true for anyone who claims any chaos deity and does these things. You bitch and moan that people think these gods and their followers are evil, yet you do the very things that make them think that. And for those who do this in the name of Loki, maybe you should stop and remember what his response is to people who did those things. Ragnarok ring a bell? It should. You claim it as an excuse to make trouble and harm others. Yet you don’t see that Ragnarok goes against those who DID commit that kind of harm for gain, power, and because they could. And it happens for the purpose of making a better place. It is chaos and destruction for needed change. You want people to stop hating us, but you are the reason they hate us. You are doing the very things you get mad at them for accusing us of. If you want to make them stop thinking he’s evil, stop doing wrong in his name. When you do this, you are no better than the supremacists and nazis that use Odin as an excuse for racism and hate. You give the gods and their followers a bad rep, cause pain and strife in their names, and then get mad that people on both sides don’t respect you. Yes, chaos is rough. But it is for balance and improvement. Not just for its own sake. It is not selfish. So the question is, which are you? Followers of chaos deities, or just plain assholes? The choice is yours. But you have to own what comes from that choice and call it what it is. Don’t steal our gods for your play time. Because eventually, real chaos will catch up to you.

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