Introducing Myth Monday

For quite sometime, I have been doing a myth discussion on Mondays with my spiritual tribe online. However, we’ve now come to the part of the Edda where the longer tales are getting started, and the post were already a bit long for a standard social media post as it was. So, I have decided to start posting those here as a way to have room for more information and less compacting of the stories. These post will be headed with “Myth Monday” in the title along with what myth we’ll be reading about. So for those who would like to follow along on those, you can see when its a myth discussion, and you can also see it in the title so you know to skip it if you aren’t interested in those entries. How it works is simple. I am reading through the Eddas one section/myth at a time and discussing as I go. The version I am currently reading is Anthony Faulkes translation from Everyman Library publication of “Edda”. When we eventually move into the Poetic Edda, I will let you know which translation(s) I use then. And if during any entries I mention a different account or translation of the tales, I will try to point that out as well. So, stay tuned. And in just a little bit, I will be posting the first of these starting where I left off in group with Thor’s journey to Utgard.

See you soon

  • Lokea (Nikk)

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