Faces of Loki 4 – World-breaker

One aspect of Loki that people don’t often talk about in depth, even in the Lokean community, is that of the World-breaker. Some may mention this side of him briefly. Especially those that are anti-Loki. They often use this aspect and the bringing of Ragnarok as a way to say how evil he is and “enemy of the gods”. But as we’ve said before, this is not evil. It is the needed balance of destruction for the purpose of growth, and death for bringing new life. The reason that even Lokeans often don’t discuss their experience with this side of Loki isn’t because its bad, but because its usually very personal. When Loki appears as the world-breaker in our personal lives, it is often when we are at our lowest. When we get stuck in a situation so much that our only choice is make a move or never get better and grow, or when we are stuck in bad situations of our own making while refusing to accept our part and change, that is when the world-breaker steps in. He brings the chaos that forces us to either move or stay and sink. For some, that may be refusing to leave an abusive situation. For some its that final bottom and embarrassing bender before getting clean and sober. (I have had him step in on both of those myself). It could be a need to change how one reacts to and treats others, or making excuses for one’s own behavior instead of working with those so-called “can’t help it” factors. Personal experiences that require Loki to swoop in and light a fire under our asses to force change in a way that only he can. So it can be very personal and not something someone wants to share with the general public. And so, though we don’t often talk about it, we know this part of him exists. But there is another side of the World-breaker that is less personal and more open that should be acknowledged more often. This is the World-breaker that refuses to give up in the face of adversity and who risks most everything to speak truth and stand against oppressive forces. In a way, his story also teaches us the dangers of “not choosing sides”, not fighting back, and waiting too long to speak. That is what lead to the Bound-one we discussed before. But the World-breaker, is the side of Loki broken free from his chains after ages of pain, writhing, and earth-shaking resistance. After all that, he still rises up and heads with an army against those that put him there. And at Ragnarok, we know they literally “burn it all down”. After all he went through, he kept on fighting, knowing it could and would cost him everything. This is why as Heathens, and especially Lokeans, we need to be willing to stand and fight and speak up against hate, bigotry, discrimination, and injustice. Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. For those who can speak on their own, be allies. None of this worrying what others will think of you, or losing friends, or “civility”. Being civil is for disagreement, not fighting oppression. Being civil is reserved for those who haven’t already been beyond UNcivil. Loki saw Thor kill giants, trolls, and Jotun, just for being born what they were. And saw how his first response to every little upset was trying to kill them with his hammer. Even toward humans at times. He had his children taken from him. He had his blood-brother break his oath until he came in and corrected it. And they stood and told him how bad he was when he finally came in and revealed all of their wrongs. Yes, it got him punished severely. His children murdered and he bound with their entrails. And yet, he fights and rises and comes back against them all. Those scars on his lips are now scars and burns over his whole face from the dripping venom. He is bruised about the arms, chest, and legs from the bindings. And yet, he gets up and fights again for his cause. He knows he will die in the process, but he still does it because its needed. And yet, we somehow are afraid to “rock the boat” or to hurt feelings or end friendships by standing up and speaking against oppression, bigotry, injustice, and other wrongs. No, I am not advocating the idea of fighting at all expense and risking even death for it. We are still human and have to stay safe for ourselves and our loved ones. But if you truly do oppose and stand against hate-filled ideology and harm, then you won’t be afraid to at least rattle some chains and make some noise. And if they don’t give in, go rally more support and keep fighting. Ragnarok is a reset, yes. There have been many writings and discussions on that fact and how it represents the death for rebirth and cycles. But, whether intended or not, it also could be seen as a lesson and example of needed change in power dynamics as well. The new, wise and bright way of life brought by Baldr and Hodr’s rule would not take place until the old rule of the Aesir was over. Just like when human rulers change, one has to leave the seat before another can take over. And the same is true when standing against oppression and bigotry. Staying quiet only helps them. And that hate and oppression ideology, and groups who spew it, can not be replaced with a better way until they are stopped. That tearing down and destroying of the old and outdated, is one of the many things that Loki as World-breaker does best. So whether its these ideologies, or bad leadership, or abusive partners, or terrible bosses and CEOs, or whatever the “fight” is, break those chains. Even if it is a personal struggle in your own life. Whatever change is needed, keep fighting for it. Let the World-breaker loose and make way for better. And if you get knocked down, keep going. Rest if you need. But keep going. Don’t stop before the battle is won. Just like Loki never stopped shaking the earth in order to keep fighting.

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