The Aspect of Balance in Thurs and Rokkatru

For this entry, I’d like to talk about balance and what that means to me in relation to my path as Lokean and Rokkatru. Its a subject that tugged at me to write, not only because of the equinox but, from a conversion that took place just before it that also brought to mind the topic of balance. It’s actually come up a few times in various ways, now that I think about it. And when that happens, I know I need to write. The most recent conversation that brought it up was actually one about the rune Thurisaz. We were discussing how the rune “feels” when using it and what it means to us. And though I couldn’t put it in one word at the time, the description of what I “feel” from this rune is essentially a type of balance. Thurisaz is known to be the thorn which can both harm and protect. Thorns can hurt whatever animal or person touches them. But in doing that, they are protecting the flower or berries that we’re trying to get a hold of. So, this is a form of balance. But for me, the way the Thurisaz rune feels is a more primal balance. The way it presents to me is as both destruction and protection at once. If these two were on a teeter-totter, Thurisaz would be the force at the axis; and which way it leans depends on how it’s used. This is fitting because, though Thurisaz is associated with Thor because of its “brute force” aspect, it is still the rune of the Thurs. The Thurs are at their core, primal balance. Just as the Greek Titans were “pre-god” forces of nature, so were the Thurs and original Jotunar. We’ve discussed this here before as well. Rokkatru is a path that is one of the twilight. It is, like the Rokkr themselves, light and dark; life and death; chaos and order, and the list goes on. This is the nature of nature. Nearly every element of nature can be an agent of opposite aspects. The wind can be a cool breeze on a summer day. But it can also be a mighty gale that takes down trees and ships and homes. Fire can burn down a whole forest, but the burning can fertilize new growth. This is the way of nature, and the way of the Rokkr. And this same aspect applies to our spiritual nature and magik as well. Many people refer to Rokkatru as the “left-hand path” of Heathenry. But, the thing about that is, “left-hand path” (in whatever pantheon) is rarely actually all “left” or all “dark”. It is being able and willing to go there when needed. But not living there entirely at all times. We are able to see and work in “lighter” ways and workings. But again, we don’t live there either. In this path, we do both. We call it twilight for a reason. Just as twilight in nature is when we are between dark and light, (dusk & pre-dawn) we are on that fine line as well. That way, we see both light and dark, and can work in both. Yes, there are times many of us will work with “darker” forces and even hexes or curses. But we also do workings and rituals for healing, prosperity, love, protection, and the like. It depends on what is needed most. It is also true that we often deal with the darker sides, more often than the light, when compared to some other paths. But that is not because we just choose to live in darkness. It is often simply the fact that so few people and paths are willing to go against the “love and light only” teachings, that they often come to us for those less popular types of work. That and the fact that, because we see both sides, many of us are more willing to stand and fight against oppression and hate and bigotry and wrong doing in ways that others will not. There are times that “turn the other cheek” only allows more harm to be done. So we stand and fight when others often can’t or won’t. But, that too is very Lokean now isn’t it? How many times was Loki sent to fix something for the Aesir whether he caused it or not? A big part of this path ends up being just understanding the fact that “somebody’s gotta do it”. And many times, how you do “it” doesn’t matter as much as the job just gets done. And quite often, it’s a matter of… “Get topped by the horse and tie your balls to the goat, ‘cause we got work to do”. But, as “dark” as it sounds, this too is a form of balance. Consider hexing. Are we throwing curses at any random upset? No. But, for protection or defense, the ends can justify the means. And going back to the teeter-totter idea. They go up and down. Whichever way they are pushed, they bounce back. They balance out. Just like nature destroys to make way for new, we sometimes have to tear down to make way for better spiritually. It’s all about balance. And truthfully, this should apply to any spirituality. Whether it be magik, or leadership, or every day life. Speaking for my own self here (I won’t speak for others); have I ever cast any curses? Yes I have. But it is a rare occasion. You could honestly count them on one hand, and I’ve been practicing for over 20 years. What I do most is healing and prosperity, and prayer, and guidance. That too involves balance. Just like we do with our children, we have to remember that guidance involves both encouragement and correction. Do I tell my friends and family that I love and support them and pray for them? Of course I do, and I mean it wholeheartedly. But, I will also tell them if they are the one messing things up for themselves, or if there’s something they can improve on that will help their situation. And then again I follow that with “I love you, and I’m here for you”. So here again is a case of balance in our spirituality. Even “light workers” encourage some form of shadow work, and setting boundaries. Spirituality of any kind, should be balanced. Especially for us pagans who honor nature. Because nature itself is balanced. That is what we do. As Lokean, and Rokkatru, it is all about balance. That is the “twilight” at work. And the Thurs, Jotun, Rokkr, are symbols of that balance. And so, like those deities that we follow, may we too strive for and find that balance in ourselves and our paths. 

Blessings until next time. See you soon.

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