Inner Fire

A personal poem I originally posted elsewhere but decided to post here, honoring both Surtr, and my own inner-strength and all of ours in a way.

“Inner Fire”

I feel a warm breeze after a cold winter snap.
And my inner fire rises again.
The molten blood of my father,
Our father,
Father of life itself,
Flows through me
And feels me with all that fire brings.
From warmth, to light, to rage, to destruction.
But in it all,
The one thing that stays unchanged,
Is strength.
Sometimes I may forget.
Sometimes I may neglect it.
Sometimes I may deny it when I myself am feeling cold or empty.
But when the warm winds blow,
Or a fire is lit,
I remember.
I remember the fire that filled the empty void of space
And sparked the beginning of the cosmos
And all that the universe holds.
And then I remember the fire that fills me.
And I remember myself.
And I rise again.
Hail father of the cosmos.
Hail the flaming sword of life and death.
Hail Surtr!
And hail to the inner self!
Let us rise!
– Nikk

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