Virgin Mead recipes

My last blog mentioned using non-alcoholic mead in celebrations and blots. So, as promised, here are some recipes I found that you can try. The first one is one I came up with a couple of years ago as an offering to Loki that worked well and taste really good. But I’m sure he doesn’t mind me sharing. Lol.

My single serving quick Non-Alcoholic cider

* Coffee mug of apple juice
* one packet pre-mixed instant spiced hot apple cider
* 1/2 tsp mulling spices
* 2 or 3 whole cloves
* 1 tsp honey
* one good sized cinnamon stick

1. Heat apple juice in microwave (or heat on stop top and pour in mug after)
2. Mix in about half of the instant apple cider packet.
3. Add cloves & mulling spices
4. Add honey (can adjust measurements to desired sweetness)
5. Use cinnamon stick to stir and leave in the mug as a garnish.
** If you can’t get mulling spices, you can use your favorite autumn/winter spices such as nutmeg, all-spice, anise, etc.**
*** You can filter out the spices if you wish or leave them in. Whichever you prefer. (I sometimes leave them and do tea cup readings with it)***

Here are some Links to other Non-alcoholic Mead Recipes. And there are plenty more online you can google. There are even some for nearly every season. And If you can’t find one you like, use them as a guideline to create your own. Enjoy!

That’s all for now. See you soon.

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