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Pagan thoughts from one middle-aged Lokean woman’s perspective.

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This is my personal blog. I have recently decided to start writing more often and to make my blogs and writing as a whole, a more frequent part of my life. This will include various topics as they come to me, and eventually poetry and other writings as well. That being said, as Lokean, the majority of writings here will be related to Loki, Rokkatru, and Norse beliefs and mythology. But there will also be other topics and opinions related to the pagan community or society as a whole from my personal perspective and belief, or even simply thoughts that come to me that I’d like to share or vent. Eventually I hope to have separate areas for different categories of writings that can be integrated and shared in one hub, but for now, this will do and I will simply share links to my other pages as they come about. I hope you enjoy.

  • Myth Study: The Lay of Skirnir

    September 18, 2021 by

    One day, Frey went and sat on Hlithskajalf looking over all the worlds. He looked into Jotunheim and saw a beautiful woman walking from her father’s house so shining that light shined from her arms across the land and sea. It was Gerd, the daughter of the giant Gymir. Frey was so struck by her… Read more

  • Faces of Loki 6: Chaos and Calm

    August 26, 2021 by

    This entry of the faces of Loki is one that will be a bit more personal than usual. And though there may be some mention of the myths, much of it will be UPG and personal experience.  For many people, Loki is associated with chaos. This is understandable given his role in Ragnarok and the… Read more

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