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This is my personal blog. I have recently decided to start writing more often and to make my blogs and writing as a whole, a more frequent part of my life. This will include various topics as they come to me, and eventually poetry and other writings as well. That being said, as Lokean, the majority of writings here will be related to Loki, Rokkatru, and Norse beliefs and mythology. But there will also be other topics and opinions related to the pagan community or society as a whole from my personal perspective and belief, or even simply thoughts that come to me that I’d like to share or vent. Eventually I hope to have separate areas for different categories of writings that can be integrated and shared in one hub, but for now, this will do and I will simply share links to my other pages as they come about. I hope you enjoy.

  • Myth Study: The Lay of Harbard

    November 23, 2021 by

    Thor was traveling back from the East and came upon a body of water he needed to cross. He spotted a ferryman on the other side and called out to him. “Who is this knave of knaves (Larrington says pipsqueak) who stand at the other side of the inlet?”. The ferryman (who was Odin in… Read more

  • Faces of Loki 7: Lover of Outcasts

    October 24, 2021 by

    One thing almost everyone knows about Loki is that he had children who were feared by the Aesir. We know about Fenrir and Jormungandr and their place in Ragnarok. And we know of Hela and her place caring for the dead who will also join in the battle along with Loki and the others. But… Read more

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